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Earthly Hound

Earthly Hound Lavender

Earthly Hound Lavender

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Earthly Hound Lavender scent, a luxurious blend designed to elevate your canine companion's grooming routine. Crafted with care, this exquisite formula combines the calming essence of Lavender with the earthy richness of Frankincense essential oils, complemented by the moisturizing properties of coconut oil and the gentle cleansing of castile soap.

Indulge your pet in a spa-like experience with Earthly Hound Lavender scent, where each bath becomes a soothing retreat for both body and mind. Lavender's delicate floral aroma offers relaxation and tranquility, while Frankincense adds a touch of grounding warmth, creating a harmonious blend that soothes the senses and promotes well-being. With Earthly Hound Lavender scent, your hound's coat will not only be clean but also luxuriously soft and beautifully scented.

Carefully crafted with your pet's well-being in mind ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. Pamper your canine companion with the natural goodness of Earthly Hound and let them revel in the joy of a clean, fresh-smelling coat. Choose Earthly Hound Lavender scent for a grooming experience that both you and your hound will love.

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